Halloween with a Twist

Bringing light to dark places

IT was Halloween with a twist in Huddersfield.
Friends from Longley and Lowerhouses Community Church, went house to house handing out bags of hope instead of demanding treats.
Wendy MarsdenWendy Marsden (pictured), who partnered with Carole Pattenden, says: "Carole and I were praying as we walked along about who we should give the bags to and which doors to knock on.
"I felt God was leading me to the houses of kids who used to come to the youth club at the church years ago. People were coming to the door with big tubs of sweets for us but we said no, we want to give you a treat. They were really surprised! It was good - a good feeling - I'm glad we did it."

Pumpkin heartCarole's husband, Colin, stayed home and handed out bags to children who called at the house - where there was a pumpkin in the window with a heart design instead of a scary face. Similarly, Helen and Steve Dalton, displayed a pumpkin with a heart, at their home and handed out bags of hope. Rebecca Johnson and daughter Mirela, 10, handed out bags from their home then went around some of the houses.
By the end of the evening 200 bags had been handed out - each containing treats and a children's Christian activity book.