Advent Gathering

DOORS and openings were the themes of the Huddersfield Baptist Fellowship Advent Gathering, held at Dalton Baptist Church.
doordoors2Doors and opening doors came to mind for several HBF leaders at their recent meeting – then by confirmation within a week, material about opening doors arrived from Spurgeons, one of the UK’s leading children’s charities!

Missioner Colin Pattenden welcomed everyone to the Gathering and young Alfie from Dalton lit the second Advent candle. Colin spoke of doors of opportunity and opening the doors of our hearts. Missioner Carole Pattenden led a time of prayer.
The children took part in a game of hunt the Christmas keys to open a lock – the Jesus key opened the lock.

giftFour Christmas boxes were opened during the service. The first contained a Bible and the Word for Today – the good news we have to share. Pam Nocton shared the story of how she, Paul and Chris had linked up with people during their family time at Dunelm in Huddersfield and the opportunities God had given them. The Revd Mike Smith spoke of how he had been invited to speak about the Christingle to about 400 children in Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.

blue giftThe second box contained a gift and an offering bag and Paul Nocton spoke about Christmas being a time of giving. He read 2 Corinthians 9 v 7 and said how God loved a cheerful giver – our attitude mattered. We should be good stewards of our time, talents and money. An offering was taken for the Spurgeons charity.

silverboxThe third box contained a door plaque which reminded us to take time to pray. Colin spoke about the importance of prayer – Spurgeon said prayer was an open door which none can shut. There was a time of prayer in small groups.

goldboxThe fourth box contained an empty plate and glass – and Carole spoke about feasting and fasting.

keysThe Revd Brian Goodall spoke about doors of discipleship to serve God and enter into a closer relationship with Jesus. He illustrated his talk with photos of different doors and said everyone could be a door to helping others come closer to Jesus. Carole said doors needed keys, and each person received a cut-out key to present at the Communion table.

All in all it was a blessed time of reflection.

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