Report on the Gathering & Covenant Service

Joolz writes:

WHAT a brilliant morning we had at Longley and Lowerhouses Community Church. It was great to see such a big turnout and to catch up with friends from Dalton, Longley and Milnsbridge - and make new friends!

The seating arrangement was in clusters to enable people to mix and chat freely during the opening "Getting to know you" session - and the Communion table and Covenant documents were at the centre, reminding us that we are Christ-centred. Heather Boulby led the worship beautifully despite being under the weather.

John Crossland explained the meaning and principles of Covenant, Angela Ellam gave a supporting reading and the Revd Brian Goodall led Communion - we all loved the story about the elderly lady who raised her glass and said "Cheers" during Communion! A special visitor was YBA Regional Minister the Revd Mary Taylor, who spoke, led prayers and signed the Covenant certificates with representatives of the three churches.

Yvonne Ainley, secretary at Longley and Lowerhouses, brought a treasure chest of God's promises for everyone to take away. Colin and Carole Pattenden led the children's activities - and they returned for Communion carrying the promise boxes they had made.

Thank you everyone for turning out , everyone who took part, and the lovely team who served refreshments afterwards!