Palm Sunday Gathering Report

WHAT a blessed time we had when the three churches joined together on Palm Sunday for a special united service at Milnsbridge Baptist Church.

Colin Pattenden welcomed everyone then we watched a short animated film about Palm Sunday. Heather Boulby led the worship beautifully - then a highlight of the service was hearing the Revd Mike Smith share the vision he saw at Scarborough - which you can read in full on

The children led us in an action song and John Crossland gave an emotive reading.

Diana Smith told how the folk at Milnsbridge had gone out in pairs and shared 150 Hot Cross Buns and napkins explaining the meaning of the Cross, with the community in Milnsbridge. They had visited the industrial estate, local shops and the Aldi supermarket. She said the church shared mince pies at Christmas and scones and cakes at Harvest Time. "The businesses are getting to know us," said Diana. "We have become friends and people ask us to pray for people and situations. The feeling we came away with was God is moving and people are listening."

A time of discussion and reflection in small groups followed then Paul Nocton led a time of prayer.