The story so far . . .

An update from our Missioners Colin and Carole

WE are now three months into this two-year post working for the three churches in the Huddersfield Baptist Fellowship and it’s been a steady time of deepening relationships and building a vision.


We have met up with a number of members from the churches to get to know them better, identify their needs and explore their ideas. It has been a privilege to listen to their stories of faith and life. There is a real treasure chest of testimony to be shared which we believe would build up the faith of other Christians and inspire those beyond the church to explore further.


During this initial period we have attended the various groups that operate from the churches which include toddler groups, Messy Church, Lunch Clubs, home groups and youth and children’s work. At the same time we have continued to lead or help those groups which we were already involved with at Milnsbridge where our membership is held. We hope to bring more intentionality to those groups working with the leaders to give them direction and focus, particularly in creating opportunities to share our faith through words and actions.  It’s surprising just how an offer of prayer can really open doors. There may also be complimentary projects to be developed alongside the existing work.


Last month we brought those who plan the Sunday worship together to see again how we can enable these times to have a sense of continuity and purpose. We have been experimenting with ‘bring and share’ services. Rather than organising a preacher we suggest a theme or Scripture that we focus on, asking people to read it in preparation, find out what they discover about it and the themes raised. There may be a poem, picture or song that speaks to them which they bring that as their contribution. At Milnsbridge we’ve shared around the stories of Ruth and Jonah and have had some very encouraging and inspired times together.
The three churches are already open to having a more informal café style of worship with quizzes, discussion and reflection to go alongside the teaching input.


Every 6-8 weeks the three churches meet together for a ‘Gathering’ to worship. Members from each church plan and lead the worship which often includes some sort of interactive discussion or prayer time so that congregations get to know one another. As connections are made, ideas and thoughts are generated. For example, the leaders of parent/toddler groups have visited one another’s projects in order to share good practice.
Gatherings take various forms. In July we started with a short time of worship and testimony followed by a Bible ‘Call My Bluff’ and Barbecue. We recognise having fun together is an important part of being church.

Personal Growth

Colin has just finished the Spiritual Direction course and is on a directory to offer Spiritual Direction for men. He has also just completed a five-day Rites of Passage retreat in Scotland which was an amazing time in terms of his spiritual journey.
Both of us are continuing with the Celebrate Recovery Course based on the 12 Steps programme. The aim is to deal with hurts, habits and hang ups (that covers pretty well all of us!).  We hope to be able to use this locally as we believe it could be an effective discipling tool.
Carole is trying to give more of her time to art and creativity and is hoping to get a group together within the near future to see how this could be developed.