Being church in challenging times

Longley church

Here are a few words of encouragement from the Revd Brian Goodall, a Trustee at Longley and Lowerhouses Community Church.

“What a difference a day makes!” That may be something we say when we look back on a life-changing event that has happened to us or people we know.

Recently it seems that almost every day the news has told us of changes we would never have dreamed possible. Some of us may be in the at-risk category, told to stay in all the time and not even go out for exercise or shopping.

In this situation one question that comes to Christians and Churches all over the world is, How can we fulfil our mission to honour God and make disciples when our ‘frontline’ has retreated to our home and garden?

It’s clear that for this month (April), which includes all the significant dates around Easter, there will be no services or meetings at our church or any other.
So let’s look for the silver lining. This situation almost forces us to be creative. Recently we had a big family gathering arranged by one of our daughters. It involved about twenty-five of us, ranging from babies to real old stagers like me. But we didn’t have to travel or book a restaurant – we just sat at home with our mobile phones, using an app called ‘Zoom’. Maybe that’s just one way in which our fellowship and our frontlines could be extended. It’s worth a try!

Keep safe and keep well.
Yours in Jesus’ name, Brian.