Join in with Alpha Online

Riverside quiet gardenCOLIN and Jane Weaver, with the support of Milnsbridge Baptist Church, Huddersfield, plan to host an Alpha Online, weekly on Zoom starting on 28th September at 7.30pm and everyone is welcome to join in.
Colin says: "The meetings will consist of watching a short video and discussing it, but we hope to get to know each other and, along the way, have some fun!  It has been found that, for many people, physically coming to an event, such as the face-to-face Alphas, can be a challenge.  An online event is less threatening because people are in control of when they leave (just by the press of a button!).  Also, for some who cannot leave the home for whatever reason, an online meeting is more practical.  Consequently, Alpha Online has been very successful."

To register or ask questions, send an email to
Download the invitation.
In other news, Colin and Jane's garden has become part of the Quiet Garden Movement - an organisation with a Christian basis. Quiet Gardens are places of hospitality for all, from any faith background or none.  Read more on