Mike's vision

Vision at Scarborough 9th February, 2016

IT was 4.30pm, and I was standing by the sea-wall on the Marine Drive below the castle cliffs. Looking out to sea, everything was shades of grey. The sea was a smooth dark grey, the sky, only slightly lighter grey all over, with an occasional rainsquall just visible.

Suddenly a luminously bright vision appeared. A rainbow appeared against the dark sea and sky. Since the setting sun was low somewhere, the rainbow sprang out almost vertically from the sea. The contrast was utterly amazing; Heavenly brightness against uniform shades of grey.

As I looked, another light appeared just to the left of the rainbow. A beam of sunlight pointed straight down, and it just happened to pick out a small fishing-boat out on the sea. The boat shone a vivid white, against the dark sea and sky. And it seemed to stand in a little pool of gold.

The rainbow probably lasted some five minutes, before gradually fading. The fishing-boat was illuminated for a good ten minutes more. Then darkness came down again. Not evil darkness, but just a slow sinking into a peaceful night.

The rainbow, God’s promise, still shines today. In spite of all the dreary sadness of the news, God shines out to give a hope that contrast utterly with the miserable prognostications of the pundits. We must see that light, and prompt others to see it as well.

Our church is like the little boat on the sea. We are the fishers of people that Christ has called. His light shines on us, whether we are aware of it or not. He is with us even more than this. And each little church is a silver-bright haven shining in the pure gold of God’s love.

My vision may fade. The reality remains.

Seen by Revd. Mike Smith, Milnsbridge Baptist Church.